UK: Dounreay accommodation units support coronavirus response

Times India Today | : May 12,2020 10:00 PM IST

Around 80 portable accommodation units deemed surplus to requirements are being removed from the site and transported to England to be used as isolation cubicles in the prison service.

Known as Bunkabins, the demountable cabins have been located at the site for the last five years. They were used as temporary living quarters supporting a project which completed last year.

The units had been disconnected from the site’s electrical and sewage system. Now, following an urgent appeal from the owners of the Bunkabins to recall any unwanted units, they are being removed from the site.

The accommodation complex covered several acres of the former nuclear research site and their removal brings about a significant change to the skyline.

Site Operations Director Mick Moore said: “Keeping our staff, site and community safe is our highest priority in response to the coronavirus outbreak. This request proved a good outcome all round – we get to safely decommission more of the site and the prison service gets some excellent accommodation units to help it manage the coronavirus outbreak.”

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