Mauritius Omnicane launches a new generation of natural sugar for a healthy and balanced diet

Times India Today | : Feb 18,2020 05:31 PM IST

February 14, 2020  : Omnicane Ltd proceeded yesterday to the official launch of DINA Life , a new brand that includes two innovative food sugar products. The first is enriched with antioxidants, and the second main characteristic is a low glycemic index. The launch took place at the Holiday Inn in Plaine Magnien in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Services, Mr. Ivan Collendavelloo, and the Chief Executive Officer of Omnicane, Mr. Jacquesd'Unienville.

The properties of this innovation make this sugar suitable for diabetics and prediabetics as part of responsible care and monitoring of their disease. Dina Life antioxidant sugar is also suitable for all those who wish to adopt a natural, healthy and balanced diet.


The characteristics of DINA Life products have been documented and developed after more than two years of research and development within Omnicane, with the assistance of Dr Jean Claude Autrey and under the Research and Innovation Grant Program implemented by the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council, which aims to improve the competitiveness of local businesses through collaboration between research and industry. The results have been systematically tested and validated after rigorous control steps and certification procedures with two independent and internationally recognized international organizations, notably Oxford Brooks from the United Kingdom and the Glycemic Index Foundation .


During his speech, Mr. Collendavelloo congratulated Omnicane for its efforts to diversify sugar cane products and enhance research and innovation in the context of its operations. 


The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke of the importance of strengthening the partnership between the government and private companies in order to generate electricity from renewable energies. According to him, the sugar industry has a big role to play to achieve energy autonomy in Mauritius. He argued that energy autonomy will be achieved through a range of renewable energies, which includes solar energy and products from the sugar industry.


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