Mauritius:Youth and Sports: Outstanding performance of local athletes rewarded

Times India Today | : Mar 02,2019 07:39 PM IST

An award ceremony to reward athletes and coaches who won medals in international competitions for the period August to December 2018, was held yesterday at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in Port Louis.  Cheques amounting a total of Rs 454, 200 were remitted to athletes and coaches in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Stephan Toussaint.

In his address, Minister Toussaint underpinned that the objective of the cash prize ceremony is to recognise and reward the efforts and remarkable performance of athletes and coaches as well as to encourage and support their sporting endeavours. The Minister indicated that the activity is also geared towards the recognition and encouragement of athletes who made outstanding performances at international level in disciplines that are not compliant with the Sports Act 2016, and hence were rewarded under the special category of ‘Le Prix de l’Effort et de l’Encouragement’.

Speaking about the forthcoming Indian Ocean Island Games 2019 (IOIG), the Minister underlined that the Games will provide a platform to local athletes to hone their capabilities and excel, which will help them to eventually participate in other major Olympic Games such as Paris 2024. On that note, he welcomed the decision of the Organising Committee of the Paris Olympics 2024 for adding breakdance andsurf as disciplines to the programme.

According to Mr Toussaint, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has already made a major step in the preparation of local performers in the discipline of breakdance as demonstrated in the recent Street Dance Battle 2018, while adding that it intends to further prepare them through a structured and coordinated coaching.  The Minister also recalled that since Mauritius will be hosting the IOIG 2019, the population should show a spirit of fraternity and solidarity.  Thus, on the one hand, he urged citizens to rally and support local athletes, and on the other hand, called for local athletes to give the best of their abilities during the competitions.

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