UK: Coronavirus (COVID-19): increased risk of fraud and cybercrime against charities

Times India Today | : May 13,2020 11:09 AM IST

Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to carry out fraud and cybercrime. Police have reported an increase in coronavirus related scams.

We are issuing this alert to help charities minimise the risk of becoming a victim of such frauds and cyber-attacks.

All charities, but especially those providing services and supporting local communities during the coronavirus crisis, could be targeted by fraudsters.

Webinar about the risks of coronavirus frauds: what to watch out for and how to stay safe

The Fraud Advisory Panel and Charity Commission have pre-recorded a webinar with sector partners to help you spot COVID-19 related fraud, and better protect your charity from harm.

We are joined by fraud experts from the City of London Police and Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy who share practical advice and tips.












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