Canada Federal Tourism Growth Strategy

Times India Today | : Jun 20,2019 09:26 AM IST

Message from the Prime Minister

Canada is a world-class tourism destination, and Canada's tourism sector is hard at work to meet and exceed the expectations of visitors from around the world, and across Canada.

Our country is strong not in spite of our diversity, but because of it. No matter the faith we profess, where we were born, what language we speak, or whom we love — we are all equal members of this country. This is the Canada that Canadians are proud of and want to share with the world.

Canada's tourism sector is no different. The industry is as inclusive as it is diverse, and people from all age ranges in both rural and urban areas are represented in this fast-growing sector.

Visitors to Canada are also presented with a diversity of experiences. From summer festivals to winter carnivals, from elite gastronomical restaurants to poutine festivals, there is always something new and exciting to do. From safe, vibrant, and multicultural cities to breathtaking natural wonders to the authentic cultural experiences that the Indigenous People are proud to share, there is an experience for all types of visitors.

Tourism is a significant contributor to the Canadian economy. The Canadian Tourism industry has an extraordinary potential for growth and the Creating Middle Class Jobs: A Federal Tourism Growth Strategy aims to sustain existing initiatives while creating new opportunities for long-term development from coast to coast to coast.

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