Edmonton Citywide grass, leaf and yard waste pickup begins

Times India Today | : Apr 23,2020 02:41 PM IST

Effective April 21, 2020, the City of Edmonton will begin picking up residential grass, leaf and yard waste. Due to the delay in warmer weather, the City is preparing for the imminent start of the yard waste clean up season and expects a surge in yard waste volumes.


Each spring, Waste Services collects and processes almost twice the amount of residential waste as compared to the winter months. This additional waste is due to an increase in grass, leaf, and yard waste generated by spring yard cleaning activities. With the late snowmelt and residents being home due to COVID-19 (potentially resulting in a more intensive clean-up), the volume of yard waste is anticipated to be larger and condensed over a shorter period of time than in previous years. Waste Services will manage this surge in yard waste volumes with the help of residents.


Residents can do their part to help reduce the amount of yard waste by composting or mulching grass and leaves, taking excessive amounts of yard waste to an Eco Station for free, or placing their yard waste in clear or coloured bags (not black, blue or paper) to assist in sorting at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC).


Waste Services will use available facilities at the EWMC to divert as much yard waste from the landfill as possible. Staff will manually sort the yard waste bags on the tip floor of the Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility (IPTF) so that it can be directed to a compost site at the EWMC.

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