UNODC supports Mauritius in its actions to fight maritime crime

Times India Today | : Feb 18,2020 05:44 PM IST

February 13, 2020:As part of the fight against maritime crime, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will provide support and expertise to the Mauritian government for the implementation of frameworks and appropriate legislation to combat drug trafficking, the financing of terrorism and other crimes. 

The UNODC Regional Representative for East Africa, Amado Phillip De Andres, made the statement today after his courtesy visit to the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Interior, and of External Communications, Minister of Rodrigues, the Scattered Islands and Territorial Integrity, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, at the Treasury building in Port Louis.

During discussions with the Prime Minister, several subjects were tackled, notably the establishment of a Fintech platform to support financial institutions; capacity building in the fight against maritime crime; and implementing projects such as the 'Blue Heart' campaign, which aims to raise awareness about human trafficking and influence leaders to make a difference. In addition, Mr. de Andrés welcomed the actions that the country is taking against maritime crime.

The UNODC representative also highlighted that the Fintech platform will generate a financial ecosystem that will contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals while allowing the private sector to invest in key initiatives including the fight against trafficking in human beings. people.

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