COVID-19 Data Dashboard shows health impacts, responses in Edmonton

Times India Today | : May 13,2020 11:38 AM IST

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The City of Edmonton’s new COVID-19 Data Dashboard provides a free, easy-to-use source of the latest COVID-19 statistics from five major areas:

Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone Data

Temporary Shelter Usage

COVID-19 Related Complaints

Peace Officer Patrols

Business-Related Investigations

The site also features a summary page with key data from each of the five sections. 

The dashboard uses data compiled from public AHS and City sources and most is updated daily. Select data from the Edmonton Police Service will be added in the coming days and will be updated weekly. 

Most sections have a date range slider that can be used to show data within specific periods. 

Using a slider illustrates changes in trends. Users of the tool can see how tighter restrictions over the past several weeks correspond to some data trends, or how seasonal public actions may reveal other responses. For example, dogs off leash complaints should show a drop after May 1, which was when the City lifted the requirement for dogs to be on-leash. Conversely, garage sale complaints might grow in the coming weeks if residents choose to host garage sales despite public health restrictions.

The data also shows positive trends including the high compliance numbers of businesses to AHS directives. It can also reveal hotspot areas of non-compliance that allow the City’s Peace Officers to do more targeted investigations.

Because the data is gathered from a number of sources, new information can be delayed as much as 36 hours.

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